Using the Adtran Atlas 550 as a PSTN Simulator

Ok this is just a quick teaser of something I’m going to be working on – I’ve owned an Adtran Atlas 550 for a really long time now, it’s a fantastic piece of equipment that can do SOOOO many cool things – Currently I’m using mine as a PSTN Emulator (or an ISDN switch) as part of my home voice lab. It’s not the most intuitive box to use, and there’s not a lot of user documentation on how to do what I’m doing – so I’m going to be creating a video blog explaining the process.  Stay tuned, it shouldn’t be more than a couple of days.

Updated:   Here it is


My blog has a new home!

Thanks to my laziness in renewing my domain names, and a domain registrar who likes to be a squatter and is keeping me from getting my old domain back (yes, GoDaddy – I’m talking about you), I’ve decided to re-launch my blog on a new url – this time, the dot COM version of my name (lol). While only a minor annoyance, it’s actually an opportunity for me to let somebody else do the hosting for once, and I can focus on content instead of keeping the lights on. Please bear with me as I get the new site set up.