Testing Solutions from Spirent

Testing has never been sexy. It’s most often, not even all that much fun, and if I’d say that it’s becoming a necessity in the field, I’d be lying; it’s always been a necessity, we’ve just opted on too many occasions not to do it, and I’m as guilt as the next guy. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the folks at Spirent (@Spirent on Twitter), a company who has been in the testing business for a really long time now, and one that I consider an industry leader, and chat about what they’re doing to make testing of cloud-based services quick, easy, and painless.

As we see cloud services taking on an increased popularity, companies have to find ways to load test and evaluate performance of their business applications, while those applications exist in realms outside of their own enterprise. This presents unique challenges, and companies like Spirent are creating new ‘tools of the trade’ to get the job done. I won’t try to summarize all of these tools here (I simply wouldn’t do it justice) but I will point you to the cloud computing page for Spirent so you can look for yourself. I find the ‘Avalanche Virtual’ tool of particular interest, but go see for yourself.

One final thought, if I may be so bold; I think that if we would all take a moment to give the testing process a bit more thought, and try not to be so averse to the process, the predictability and performance of our cloud-based applications would help to be assured, and that’s something that I’m certain can help with availability of services within the enterprise, and it will certainly help ME sleep better at night. I’m not saying that the solutions that Spirent is offering is the end-all/be-all solution, or that you should use them; for that matter, I’m not even going to tell you who I think you should use – frankly I don’t care.   What I care about is convincing you that the process is important, and showing you what one of the leaders in the industry is doing about it. How about you; what will you test?

Josh Kittle, Network Architect/Technology Evangelist/Blogger

@ciscovoicedude on Twitter


Disclosure: Spirent was a sponsor of Networking Field Day 8, and financially contributed to my travel expenses to visit them. At no time were they promised that I would provide any media coverage for them, nor at any time did I commit to doing so. I write this blog out of my own interest in what they’re doing and the opinions outlined in this post are mine alone, and I have not been financially compensated in any way for this writing.