Adding a ‘Number of Calls in Queue’ gadget to Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktop

Update: 2/6/2015 -  This has been corrected in UCCX 10.6 – So just upgrade to that instead of doing this :)  But I’ll keep the posting in tact below for historical purposes.


So I’ve got to be brutally honest here – I’m completely blown away that this isn’t native behavior. What is most likely the single most important queue statistic for real-time observation in a call center is the number of calls in queue.  Cisco Finesse Desktop in its native form does not show this statistic to the supervisor (however it does show it to the agent).   Here is a native view of the Finesse desktop on a fresh installation, I’m focused on the ‘Queue Data’ page

Default Queue Data Page

You’ll notice that we show the longest call in queue statistic, but we have no idea how many calls are in the queue.

There’s an easy fix for this – we can add the same gadgets we show to the agents to this page so that the supervisor can also see it.  Here’s how

1) Log into the Finesse Administration page and go to the ‘Desktop Layout’ page.

2) Navigate to the gadgets section of the agent page, and copy the first gadget you see (I’ve highlighted mine here).   This is hte ‘AgentCSQStats’ gadget.

AgentCSQStats Gadget

3) You can insert this gadget into the supervisor section.  I’m choosing to put mine on the ‘Queue Data’ page.  Search for “<id>queueData</id>”

Inserting the Gadget

4)  Once this is completed, save the layout.

Now when you open the Queue Data page, you’ll see the new report.

New Layout

I haven’t found any downside to doing this, or any gotchas, but as always, use at your own risk.




<Update  12/5/2014>

So I’ve had a lot of feedback on this post and some alternative solutions presented (perhaps even better ways to accomplish this) and I wanted to update the post.    One possible caveat (I have not tested this yet) mentioned was that the agent would have to be part of the CSQ for this to work.  An alternative way to accomplish this was to make some customizations to the CUIC report that Finesse is pulling this data from to add the data to the standard report being used, so you don’t have to modify the Finesse Gadget layout.   So a few more possibilities there.