Cisco IOS SRST – Minimum Required Configuration

I’ve spent a few hours this evening getting back to basics, and taking the time to review what I’m going to call ‘Minimum Require Configuration’ for SRST – both SIP and SCCP.

SCCP SRST Minimum Required Configuration

ip source-address port 2000
max-ephones 10
max-dn 10

SIP SRST Minimum Required Configuration

voice service voip
registrar-server expires max 600 min 60

voice register global
max-dn 10
max-pool 5

voice register pool 1
id network mask

With the configuration shown, both SIP and SCCP devices can failover to the Cisco 28xx ISR that I’m using for testing. There are lots of other nerd knobs you can tweak if you want, but this is all that’s required to get endpoints to register.

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