On behing high-energy, and the ‘Cisco Live Effect’

It’s been referred to as ‘camp’ for geeks (Thanks Fish!), a technology mecca, among many other things; for me, it’s something more. My first Cisco Live (2005, I still carry the backpack) was called Networkers, and it opened my eyes to something that the uninitiated simply cannot imagine. I’ve probably attended Cisco Live some 10 times by now, or darn near close to it. There was a couple-year gap when life just got in the way, but by in large, I’ve been attending Cisco Live the majority of the time over the past 11 years. It seems like everybody has their own ‘post conference blog post’. This one is mine.

A few years into my Cisco Live experience, I signed up for this new communications tool called Twitter. It became a forum for me to bring my thoughts and ideas into a larger audience in a realtime way. Since 2009, I’ve sent roughly 26,000 tweets – some might call that high energy, and it wouldn’t be an understatement. Much of this content was generated during the course of one industry event or another; sometimes Cisco Live, sometimes a Tech Field Day event, there have also been others. Something about these events ramp me up and give me a high energy level to communicate – and often times, it’s too high.

Friends have brought to my attention (a few times over the years, actually) that at times I can be an overwhelming communicator; this is something I have to work on, particularly in those times following these events when my energy levels are still peaking. Its just so easy in the day of realtime feeds of ‘person X did this, person Y said that’ to click a button and favorite an update, or to click a button and chime in with your commentary. I know this is something that can get a little out of hand, or even come across as creepy in the wrong situation – for my friends who I annoy, I apologize; I’m working on it. I just like interacting with you people, truth be told.

All told, it’s and interesting (and unintended) consequence of this crazy connected world we live in. Our iPhones are like crack, and we’re the ones hooked. And social media is the breeding ground, because it’s where the content lies. Lesson to be learned – Perhaps we all need a bit of a digital detox from time to time.

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