My name is Josh Kittle and I’m a Senior Collaboration Engineer in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been doing network engineering for the past 15 years or so, and somewhere along the way I decided that voice was fun – so my primary focus these days is on Unified Communications. Along the way I’ve been a systems engineer, a network architect, a consultant, and a college instructor, but it really boils down to just being a geek at the core.

I’m currently casually studying for my Cisco CCIE Voice certification (I’m a CCNP Voice now) – by ‘casually’ I mean – a little here, a little there – I’m not setting a deadline.   Just playing, learning, and having fun.

When I’m not doing Unified Communications ‘stuff’, you can find me dabbling in electronics, playing with ham radio, drinking beer while singing on youtube (usually good for a laugh), or just stroking my inner geek by messing with the latest gadget or technology.

Yes, I still route and switch, but I find it much more fun when there’s a sexy voice at the other end of the bitstream. Just sayin.

My opinions are my own. I’m not always Politically Correct, and it’s not always safe for work.
If you don’t like what I have to say, go away.

Get over it.