Credit: Stolen from John Herbert (@mrtugs) and hacked to bits to serve my purpose.

I believe in blogging with integrity, such that my readers should be able to trust what I write as my own opinion, and be able to discern anything promotional.  I may talk positively or negatively about vendors, products, or services that I both DO and DO NOT believe in, because there can be some good points made even in solutions I deem as poor, or not best-in-class. If I look like a fanboy, I probably am, but these opinions are mine alone.

I represent myself as a geek, blogger, and technology evangelist in this forum. My employer(s) do not and can not certify or endorse products, services, or vendors that I discuss, and I do not represent them in any way within this forum.

On occasion, I will review products and services that catch me as ‘interesting’.  There is a really good chance that this product was provided to me by the manufacturer for free to review, but I have not accepted any monetary compensation for doing so, and my review of the product reflects my own, and only my own opinions of the product, I am not a marketing puppet.